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What is this?



How does it work?

Click, pay, play.


How long does shipping take?



How may I feature my artwork, product, or business on the Homepage?

Send us a message at us@prompt.marketing with as much non-confidential info as you’re able to share.


What if an image is not clickable? 

In general, it means the item is out of stock.


What if I’d like to work at prompt.marketing/? 

Become an Affiliate.


What stance does prompt.marketing/ take on ______? 

We strive for journalistic objectivity in our existence.


How may I support prompt.marketing/? 

Pay us dollars.


Is prompt.marketing/ on social media?

Maybe——try to find us.


How do raffles work? 

We compile all of the ticket sales and, using a random number generator, select the winning number to receive the prize or store credit. Usually, each ticket is between $1 and $11.


What is your refund policy? 

All sales are final. 


How does carbon-x work? 

Each carbon-x token purchased offsets (1) one year of an American’s carbon footprint.


What other questions may we answer?

Let us know by commenting below.
ubmissions are reviewed internally and may be submitted anonymously (even though it says required).



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